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Basic Information

Release Date - July 17, 2017 world premiere in Los Angeles. July 20, 2017 in Theaters (in Israel). July 21, 2017 in Theaters. November 7, 2017 on Digital HD. November 21, 2017 on UHD 4K, blu-ray, and DVD.

Running Time - 137 mins.

TV Parental Guidelines - TV-14 (sci-fi violence and action, suggestive material and brief language)

Distributor - Lionsgate Home Entertainment

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UHD 4K Features

Region A:
- Audio: English (Dolby Atmos), Spanish (5.1 Dolby Digital Audio), French (5.1 Dolby Digital Audio), English (2.0 Dolby Digital Audio Optimized for Late-Night Listening), English (Descriptive Audio)
- Subtitles: English For The Deaf And Hard Of Hearing, Spanish
- 2.40:1 16x9
- Special Features: "Citizens Of Imagination: Creating The Universe Of Valerian"
- Special Features: "Enhancement Pods"
- Special Features: "The Art Of Valerian Photo Gallery"
- Teaser Trailer
- Final Trailer
- Blu-ray version
- Digital HD version

Additional Information

This movie wasn't made by Heavy Metal, but it is loosely based on the story, "Valerian" by Pierre Christin and Jean-Claude Mézières, which the album, "Ambassador of the Shadows" was published in each issue from January to April 1981 of Heavy Metal.
Valerian And The City Of A Thousand Planets

Description On The Back Cover - In the 28th century, Valerian (Dane DeHaan) and Laureline (Cara Delevingne) are a team of special operatives charged with maintaining order throughout the human territories. Under assignment from the Minister of Defense, the two embark on a mission to the astonishing city of Alpha - an ever-expanding metropolis where species from all over the universe have converged over centuries to share knowledge, intelligence, and cultures with each other. There is a mystery at the center of Alpha, a dark force which threatens the peaceful existence of the City of a Thousand Planets, and Valerian and Laureline must race to identify the marauding menace and safeguard not just Alpha, but the future of the universe.