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Basic Information

Release Date - December 30, 2003 on the France 2 television network (in France). DVD released November 17, 2005 (in French, region 2) by Aventi Distribution. DVD released May 23, 2006 (in French, all regions).

Running Time - 49min. (1 season, 14 episodes, 3.5min. each)

Québec Rating - G (General)

Distributor - Dep Distribution

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DVD Features

Region 0:
- Audio: French (stereo 2.0)
- 4:3

Additional Information

This show wasn't made by Heavy Metal, but it is based on the story, "Arzach" by Jean "Mœbius" Giraud, published in each issue from April to July 1977 of Heavy Metal. This was finished in 2002, intended for a web series, however it wasn't released until 2003 on TV. Arzach was also the influence to the Taarna story in the 1981 Heavy Metal movie. There is no English home video release.
Arzak Rhapsody