Heavy Metal Magazine List
Crossroads - Spring - Vol. 13 No. 1

Cover - Juan Giménez
p.03-10 - "Gallery: Heavy Metal: F.A.K.K.²: Animation Works"
p.11-12 - "Flopi: All Dressed Up And Nowhere To Go" - Carlos Trillo
p.13-15 - "The Untimely Death Of Citizen Marvel" - Sandy Plunkett
p.17-20 - "Waiting" - Cinzia Di Felice
p.21-27 - "Inferno" - Jaime Martin
p.28-29- - "Flopi: Dreams" - Carols Trillo
p.30-53 - "The Horses Of St. Mark" - Z. Tunic and Z. Stefanovic
p.54-107 - "Leo Roa #2: The Backwards Odyssey" - Juan Giménez
p.108-111 - "A Simple Model" - Toni Garces

F.A.K.K.² Movie Special - Summer - Vol. 13 No. 2

There is a softcover and hardcover version to this issue.  The hardcover has a tip-in plate, and is limited to 10000 copies, also because it has no ads it's missing the 16 page "Official F.A.K.K.² Mechandise Catalog" in the back.  The following is the index for both versions, except that the information underlined and in the color
teal is just for the hardcover version.

Cover - "Heavy Metal: 2000" - Simon Bisley
p.0.5 - "Tip-In Plate: Alphabet Letter "X"" - Luis Royo
p.01-02 - "Forward" - Kevin  Eastman
p.03-82 - "F.A.K.K.²: The Illustrated Story" - Kevin Eastman, Simon Bisley, Tony Kelly, Mike Conley, Dan Saraceni, Sheldon Mitchell, Eric Talbot, Bob Cabeen, Carl Masek, George Unger, Michel Lemire, Michael Coldewey, Robert Geoffrion, and John Minnis
p.83-104 - "Gallery: Heavy Metal: F.A.K.K.²"
Back Cover - "Swamp Showdown" - Simon Bisley

Techno - Fall - Vol. 13 No. 3

Cover - "Barb" - John Zeleznik
p.03-06 - "Gallery: John Zeleznik"
o.07-14 - "The Invasion" - Emilio Balcarce and Juan Giménez
p.15-22 - "Snakebiker" - Martin Lodewijk and Boyan
p.23 - "The Adventures Of Jérôme Moucherot: The Bengal Tiger Against Sexual Harassment" - François Boucq
p.24-31 - "Hell: Instinct Of Self-Preservation" - Jaime Martin
p.32-39 - "The Full Monty" - Gaetano "Tanino" Liberatore and Wolinski
p.40-44 - "Lucretia" - Paul Hopkins and John Russell
p.45-46 - "Flopi's Family" - Carlos Trillo
p.47-56 - "Mamba: The Smile In Stone" - Antonio Segura and José "Pepe" González
p.57-102 - "Atlantis, The Sheb" - François Froideval and Fabrice Angleraud
p.103 - "The Adventures Of Jérôme Moucherot: Autumn Eyeful" - François Boucq and Delan