Heavy Metal Magazine List
January - Vol. 34 No. 9

Cover - Tariq Raheem
p.04-05 - "Auria - Goddess Of Sound And Musical Inspiration" - Jake Murray
p.08-09 - "Dossier: It's 2010, HAL.  Do You Know Where Dave And Frank Are?" - Steven C. Ringgenberg
p.12-15 - "Gallery: Al Serov"
p.16 - "Tarot Cards: Six Of Pentacles" - Julie Bell
p.17 - "Tarot Cards: Three Of Pentacles" - Boris Vallejo
p.18 - "Tarot Cards: Ten Of Swords" - David Palumbo
p.20-25 - "Fiendy" - Gary Terrence Becks
p.27-32 - "The Halo-Marketeer" - Horatio Weisfeld, Trevor Von Eeden, Patricia Raubo, and Peter Koch
p.34-58, 97-117 - "Wisher" - Giulio De Vita and Sebastien Latour
p.62-68 - "Good Business" - Simon Roy
p.70-83 - "War Of The Worlds: Goliath: Cargo" - Joe Pearson, Gavin Yap, U-En Ng, Nanzo, and Zedd
p.84-93 - "Stalking Arr" - Matt Howarth
p.119-122 - "Artist Studio: Frank Stockton"

March - Vol. 35 No. 1

Cover - Rob Prior
p.04-05 - "Courtesan" - Robin Ha
p.08-09 - "Dossier: Bidding A Fond Farewell To The Emperor Of Barsoom Al Williamson R.I.P." - Steven C. Ringgenberg
p.11-14 - "Gallery: James Wolf Strehle"
p.16 - "Tarot Cards: Four Of Swords" - Julie Bell
p.17 - "Tarot Cards: Queen Of Cups" - Julie Bell
p.18 - "Tarot Cards: The Tower" - David Palumbo
p.20-27 - "Forms Of Death" - Alessio Landi and Luca Claretti
p.29-53, 96-118 - "Requiem #9: Pirate City" - Pat Mills, Olivier Ledroit, and Jacques Collin
p.56-61 - "Strain" - Ibai Canales
p.64-67 - "DreamFall" - Damascus Mincemeyer
p.69-78 - "Riders" - Rita Gorgoni and Stefano Cardosellio
p.80-87 - "Awakening" - Ricardo González Llarena, Milton Sobreiro, and Felipe Sobreiro
p.90-92 - "Rpnzl Overdrive" - Kristian Navant
p.93 - "Caveman" - Tayyar Özkan
p.119-122 - "Artist Studio: Ted Hammond"
Back Cover - Randall Kaplan

May - Vol. 35 No. 3 (magazine lists it as Vol. 35 No. 2)

Cover - "S.T.U.R.D.Y." - Lorenzo Sperlonga
p.04-05 - "Illustration" - Muecke
p.06-07 - "Dossier: This Issue: Pinheads! Blasphemy! Plus - The Absolute King Of The Serials!" - Steven C. Ringgenberg and Bill Griffith
p.07 - "Dossier: The Astounding Life Of The Absolute King Of The Serials" - Steven C. Ringgenberg
p.07 - "Dossier: Here's The Blasphemy, Kids: Jesus Dressup Fridge Magnets!" - Steven C. Ringgenberg and Normal Bob Smith
p.09-12 - "Gallery: Bill Presing"
p.14 - "Tarot Cards: The Hanged Man" - David Palumbo
p.15 - "Tarot Cards: The World" - Anthony Palumbo
p.16 - "Tarot Cards: Knight Of Rods" - Anthony Palumbo
p.18-26 - "The Soul Devourer" - Ernesto III Yip, Andrés Esparza, Tozani, and Razvan
p.27-50, 93-114 - "Tao Bang" - Daniel Pecqueur, Olivier Vatine, Fred Blanchard, and Didier Cassegrain
p.52-59 - "Scavengers" - Abraham Martínez Azuara, Adrián Montoya, and Emmanuel Ordaz
p.62-69 - "Side Images" - Marco Dominici and Gianfranco Staltari
p.72-82 - "Saving Poor Elsy Shelby" - Ferran Xalabarder
p.84-91 - "In The Blues" - Alberto Conte and Luca Rossi
p.115-118 - "Artist Studio: Garret DeChellis"

July - Vol. 35 No. 4

Cover - "New Secrets" - Luis Royo
p.04-05 - "The Phantom Menace's Darth Maul" - Doug Cowan
p.08-09 - "Dossier: Frazetta's Johnny Comet Comes Roaring Back!" - Steven C. Ringgenberg
p.09 - "Dossier: Walking With A Giant: Alex Raymond's Rip Kirby" - Steven C. Ringgenberg
p.11-16 - "Gallery: The Joubert Sisters" - Cindy Anne Joubert-Kelly and Nicole Joubert-Henderson
p.18-25 - "Khulan" - Katie Houghton-Ward, Simon Morse, and Christian Krank
p.27-51, 96-116 - "Arawn #2: Blood Ties" - Ronan Le Breton and Sébastien Grenier
p.53-68 - "Records Of The Human Arrival To Planets Aqua And Gris" - Abraham Martínez Azuara and Mehdi Cheggour
p.70-73 - "Metal Media: Profile: Rafael Kayanan: Ink N Slash" - Horatio Weisfeld
p.76-79 - "Sleepless Night" - Alfonso Azpiri
p.80-93 - "War Of The Worlds: Goliath: Outpost" - Popia and Chi-Ren Choong
p.117-122 - "Artist Studio: Brian Vigue"
Back Cover - Sébastien Grenier

September - Vol. 35 No. 6

There is a regular and limited edition to this issue.  The limited edition is the third Heavy Metal to have a variant cover and was given out at the 2011 San Diego Comic-Con.  The following is the index for both versions, except that the information underlined and in the color
teal is just for the limited edition.

Cover - Stanley "Artgerm" Lau
Cover - Stanley "Artgerm" Lau
p.04-05 - "Pepper Diva II" - Stanley "Artgerm" Lau
p.07-12 - "New Dawn Fades" - Bagus Hutomo and W. H. Rauf
p.14-19 - "Machina" - W. H. Rauf, Barnaby Bagenda, and Jessica Kholinne
p.21-25 - "Kunkka Pin Ups" - Kendrick "Kunkka" Lim
p.26-33 - "Bounty Journal" - Chris Ng
p.35-39 - "In Your Youth's Summer" - Bebe Girafe
p.41-42 - "Wraithdt Pin Ups" - Darren "Wraithdt" Tan
p.44-53 - "Dead Meat" - Kai Lim and Marc Lee
p.56-63 - "Hell-O-Kitty" - Reza Ilyasa
p.66-67 - "Yu Ming Pin Ups"
p.69-77 - "Rule My World" - Sami Basri and Sunny Gho
p.79-83 - "I
nfinite" - Mr. Bunny
p.85-89 - "Turn Me On" - Jennyson "2ngaw" Rosero
p.91 - "Eko Puteh Pin Up: Masquerade"
p.92-93 - "Okita Pin Ups" - Leos "Okita" Ng
p.95-109 - "Amplification" - Brandon "Kaiz0" Chng
p.112-118 - "The Queen's Pet" - DCWJ
p.119-122 - "Artgerm Pin Ups" - Stanley "Artgerm" Lau
Back Cover - Stanley "Artgerm" Lau
Back Cover - Stanley "Artgerm" Lau

November - Vol. 35 No. 7

Cover - "Dead Dawn" - Simon Bisley
p.04-05 - "Party Girls" - John Mahoney
p.07-12 - "Gallery: Snakebite" - Snakebite Cortez
p.14-15 - "Dossier: White Indian: On The Warpath Again" - Steven C. Ringgenberg and Frank Frazetta
p.15 - "Dossier: Dark Brain Comics - The Next Wave In Digital Entertainment?" - Steven C. Ringgenberg, Cheery Fifi, and Piro
p.17-24 - "Malevolence" - Homero Ríos and Mehdi Cheggour
p.25-54, 83-106 - "I, Dragon: The End Of Genesis" - Juan Giménez
p.58-65 - "The Only God" - Miguel Mora, Abraham Martínez, and Eliel Cervantes
p.68-75 - "Darwin's Defeat" - Ricardo González Llarena and Axel Medellin
p.79-82 - "Metal Media: John Buscema: The Lost Drawings" - Horatio Weisfeld
p.109-114 - "Artist Studio: John Mahoney"
Back Cover - Juan Giménez