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Heavy Metal 2000
All new music made for the 2000 Heavy Metal movie.  It comes in 4 CD covers (which have censored and uncensored versions, and the first 250,000 copies came with a HyperCD), and 1 limited edition cardboard CD holder, with a HyperCD.  The HyperCD is a promotional CD-ROM for the F.A.K.K. movie, game, soundtrack, etc.  It has lots of movies and interviews which can still be viewed even though the HyperCD online content is no longer there.  Also, when purchased from Best Buy, the album came with a limited edition
keychain while they lasted.  It was also released on cassette (uncensored and censored).
1. "F.A.K.K. U" - F.A.K.K. U
2. "Silver Future" - Monster Magnet
3. "Missing Time" - MDFMK
4. "Immortally Insane" - Pantera
5. "Inside The Pervert Mound" - Zilch
6. "Dirt Ball" - Insane Clown Posse with Twiztid
7. "Storaged" - System Of A Down
8. "Rough Day" - Days Of The New
9. "Psychosexy" - Sinisstar
10. "Infinity" - Queens Of The Stone Age
11. "Alcoholocaust" - Machine Head
12. "Green Iron Fist" - Full Devil Jacket
13. "Hit Back" - Hate Dept.
14. "Tirale" - Puya
15. "Dystopia" - Apartment 26
16. "Buried Alive" - Billy Idol
17. "Wishes" - Coal Chamber
18. "The Dog's A Vapour" - Bauhaus

Download the 5MB MDFMK
music video; needs RealPlayer.

Heavy Metal 2000
A limited promotional CD release of the score from the second Heavy Metal movie.  Conducted by Frederic Talgorn and preformed by the Munich Symphony Orchestra.
1. Lost in Space
2. The Key
3. Planet Uraboris / Cortez
4. Julie & Kerrie / Alternate Version
5. Tyler Catches Kerrie
6. Dead Planet / Shoot the Injured
7. Assess the Threat
8. Julie's Journey
9. Tyler Awaits his Wench
10. Master, Come See / Crash and Burn
11. The Holy Land
12. Hospitality
13. Tyler's Rage
14. It's Over (End Title)

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