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Basic Information

Release Date - 2001

Gaming System - Dreamcast and Sega NAOMI coin-op arcade

Genre - Fighting Game

ESRB Rating - Mature (Blood, Strong Lyrics, Violence)

Developer and Publisher - Capcom


Game Rankings

Trailer 1 (32MB in-game footage)
Trailer 2 (4MB low res trailer)

Additional Information

This is a 1 - 2 player death match style game (1 - 4 players in the arcade version).  It got mixed reviews.  Some people really like it, but others find the camera angles aren't as good as they should be, and the replay value is below average.

Heavy Metal: Geomatrix

Description On The Back Cover - In the future, with the evolution of Nanobot technology, microscopic robots recreate human cell composition in the cyber world.  Fantasy and reality have merged into one neo-world.  Humans abandon the real world for the cyber luxury of the virtual world.  Now, the polar caps are dislodged and melting, submerging mother earth underwater.  What little turf remains is claimed by thugs, gangs, and mercenaries.  The battle for landmass begins.  Only now, war is waged inside the Geomatrix with Nanobots armed with devastating weaponry.  To win you must fight, to live you must win!