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Basic Information

Release Date - July 31, 2000 PC version went Gold and hit stores shortly after.

Gaming System - Windows, Mac, and Linux

Genre - 3rd Person Action Adventure

Approximate Completion Time - ~25 hours (6-10 hours if you speed through it)

ESRB Rating - Mature (Animated Blood And Gore, Animated Violence)

Developer - Ritual (Mac port by Take 2, Linux port by Loki)

Publisher - Gathering Of Developers


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PC from FilePlanet (72MB version 1.02) - Mac (67MB)

Heavy Metal Fire (3MB MP3 by Zak Belica and Jenni Lougheed)

1.02 from FilePlanet (PC 3MB)

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Additional Information

This is the sequel to the movie Heavy Metal 2000.  You play the part of Julie, trying to save her planet and her people from being taken over by the evil Gith Industries.  Most people really enjoyed this game.  It has a pretty good story, and great graphics.  After the patch, it's a pretty stable game too (and it's not too bad, even before the patch).  The only thing most people didn't like about it was it's a little short, and there's no multiplayer.

Heavy Metal: F.A.K.K.

Description On The Back Cover - Years have passed since Julie defeated the would-be-God Lord Tyler on the bloody battlefields of the Holy Land.  She has long since put the pain of those days behind her and turned her eye to more pressing matters.  On the long journey from the Holy Land to the Galaxy of the Twin Suns she gathered those without a home in the universe and brought them back to her homeworld of Eden.  As the colonists rebuilt their new world, they discovered something wonderful: the water of the new Eden is the beginning and end of all life.  None of the colonists have aged in the past 30 years.  They have protected their world with a powerful energy shield, and perhaps more effectively, they placed into orbit a F.A.K.K.2 (Federation Assigned Ketogenic Killzone) hazard beacon, alerting all who approach that Eden is a death trap.  Knowing that the shield would keep possible attackers at a distance, and with the beacon hiding their secret under the veil of a fatal wasteland, the colonists have become happy and complacent in their comfort and safety.  From somewhere deep in space, a PlanetShip, a vessel which consumes entire worlds, approaches -- its ancient leader Gith at the helm.  In this Universe full of would-be-Gods, the machines of man alone cannot change the call of Destiny.  There is one who must be called... The Starstrider.