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Basic Information

Release Date - 2001

Gaming System - Windows

Genre - Adventure

ESRB Rating - Mature (Blood and Gore, Mature Sexual Themes, Violence)

Developer - Artematica

Publisher - Micro´ds


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Additional Information

This game wasn't made by Heavy Metal but it is based on the popular Druuna stories in the Heavy Metal magazines.  Druuna became the most successful Italian video game when released.  Although most people love the stories, the game got really bad reviews.  Mostly it looks amazing but there's little game play, because you're mostly just watching videos.  The game play that it has is confusing and difficult, or just pointless.

Druuna: Morbus Gravis

Description On The Back Cover - Survive in a hostile future.  Condemned to an eternal vegetative state, the very sexy Druuna is waiting for someone to free her from her sick, claustrophobic and torn world, inhabited by people suffering from a terrible virus that transforms them into bloodthirsty beasts.  A symbiotic computer directly linked to Druuna's brain is the only thing that can help you to capture and to relive the situations that have reduced her to a state of "cold sleep".  You must try to avoid the unscrupulous individuals who live in her mind and face the traps hidden along this uncertain road leading to salvation.